Vitel Copolyester Resins are linear, saturated copolyester resins used in laminating adhesives, heat seal coatings and ink binders. The products can be designed to be amorphous and highly-soluble in standard solvents such as MEK, Toluol, ethyl acetate and acetone. Or they can be semi-crystalline to crystalline products that have limited solubility and are applied from exotic solvents such as 1, 3 Dioxolane or THF. Vitel 1000 or 2000 series can be applied via extrusion systems.


Vitel 1000 series products are generally of limited solubility. The Vitel 1900 series products can be formulated to be applied as heat seal coatings on to PET film. Vitel 1916 can be applied via solvent coating to provide a tough, ovenable heat seal coating for lid stock. Similar, fully-formulated materials are available for extrusion coating or coextruding with PET film to eliminate the use of solvents.

Vitel 2000 series products are high Tg resins that are formulated into solvent-based lacquers and heat seal coatings. They may also be applied via extrusion. These coatings find use as-is as primers on PET films and formulated into inks and release lacquers. They can be modified with the softer Vitel 3000 series products for better adhesion and / or cross-linked with our Boscodur® curatives.

Vitel 3000 series products are used to formulate high performance laminating adhesives with excellent green bonds. They find uses in systems that require excellent machining and good stability.

  • Lidding adhesives
  • Medical laminations
  • Heat seals for PVC blister packs
  • Heat seal coatings  
  • Primers
  • Printing inks
  • Transfer Printing Inks
  • Snack food markets
  • Meat and cheese packaging
  • Medical packaging
  • Microwavable and ovenable packaging