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No matter what type of in-house labeling adhesive you need, Bostik has a high-performing adhesive to handle it. Our adhesive for roll-through can labelers has been the industry standard for years. Our adhesives support a variety of speeds for both rotary and in-line labelers. We also offer pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive options for moderate and extremely high-speed swirl spray adhesive applications. Our water-based products are designed to reduce flagging while simplifying cleanup. And, Bostik’s hot melt adhesives create strong adhesion for a variety of applications and line speeds from 100 bpm through 1000+ bpm. With cutting-edge knowledge about labeling, we serve as expert problem solvers. We understand how to optimize adhesive use in today’s production lines. With an extensive range of product technologies, we can match the needs of your specific production line to the product that will maximize efficiencies and results.


Our full range of adhesive technologies ensures there's a quality Bostik product ideally suited for your needs.


Our leadership and innovation combined with our ongoing, dedicated research and development efforts translate to the right adhesive for your needs and manufacturing line. Our experienced experts understand your manufacturing products and can consult with you to identify the right adhesive for your application.

Bostik’s labeling adhesive solutions enhance your manufacturing processes and satisfy your customers. Find out more.

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