Rubber Flooring Products

Bostik® GreenFusion™ Rubber Flooring Adhesive was created specifically as an environmentally responsible adhesive solution to install many of the most common rubber floor covering products sold in North America. This unique product exhibits an extremely innovative, user-friendly feature set that establishes it as the most advanced, high performance, "green" urethane adhesive technology in the North American market today.

GreenFusion™ Rubber Flooring Adhesive is a zero-VOC, zero-solvent, low odor, single-component, urethane adhesive that cures rapidly and offers superior moisture resistance. This formulation contains Bostik's Blockade™ Antimicrobial Protection, offers outstanding initial grab/wet section, is simple to clean up and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. It also offers superior adhesion to Bostik's Durabond D-250 and D-261 Moisture Vapor Barrier Coatings and complete line of cementitious products without the need for a primer.