Flexible Laminating

Bostik combines the well-known and established technology of Herbert’s® Adhesives in polyurethane and polyester resins with the highly recognized experience in TURBO-SEAL® and NIP-WELD® Cold Seal Adhesives and the exceptional performance of Vitel® Copolyester Resins. Bostik offers it technical support to the flexible converting market with adhesives for Flexible Packaging and Industrial Laminating.

Bostik is a world leader in technology for laminating, heat seal coatings, hot melt resins, cold seal adhesives, dry and wet bond laminating. We offer the full range of products from general-purpose adhesives for snack foods, meat and cheese packaging etc. Medium performance systems can be used in coffee, wet wipes and industrial markets such as cable wrap and slot die insulators. Our high performance systems are suitable for use in packaging sterilizable foods, chemical resistant packaging and in industrial applications such as window film, sail cloth and photovoltaic back sheet.

Flexible Packaging

Bostik designs and manufactures adesives , coating and resins for a variety of flexible packaging converting applications.

Industrial Laminating

Bostik designs and manufactures adhesives, coatings and resins for a variety of converting applications.